A Northwest law firm located in Kirkland, Washington.  Emphasizing real estate law, business law, estate planning and litigation for over 30 years.

A Northwest law firm located in Kirkland, Washington.
Emphasizing real estate law, business law, estate planning
and litigation for over 30 years.

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Real Estate Law

We handle a broad range of real estate matters, including the drafting and review of agreements for the purchase and sale of property, easements, construction contracts, and leases.  We represent homeowners and condominium associations.  In general, we handle pretty much any kind of real estate matter you can think of.

Business Law

We represent business owners and their companies, including LLCs, corporations, and partnerships.  We can help you set up your company and, once it is up and running, we can handle your legal needs by drafting and reviewing contracts and advising you on a host of other matters.

Estate Planning and Probate

We draft Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives, so that your loved ones know your wishes and have the legal power to carry them out.  If a probate is necessary or helpful, we will guide you through that process.

General Litigation

We represents clients in lawsuits, administrative proceedings, arbitration, and mediation. Our cases have involved a wide variety of matters, including, for example, boundary disputes and adverse possession, disputes between businesses, business breakups, trust and estate disputes, collections and foreclosures, stockbroker misconduct, enforcement of covenants not to compete, and a variety of other subjects.


Practicing law is about helping people, not making money.  Well, making money, too, but what makes the job rewarding is knowing that I have helped a client achieve a goal, solve a problem, or just sleep better.  We lawyers ask a lot of our clients when we ask them to trust us with their private stories and life problems.  I strive to be worthy of that trust.

Why Us?

I have represented clients putting deals together and represented them in court  when deals fall apart.  I have drafted Wills for clients and represented heirs against executors who are not following  the Will properly.  In general, I have found that the "non litigation" work helps me do the litigation better, and vice-versa.  This breadth of perspective has made me a better lawyer and better able to serve my clients' needs.

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