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We can help you start your business, whether you start from scratch or buy an existing enterprise.  We can help you deal with the legal issues that arise while running it.   And we can help you sell your business or wind it up.  We can represent you in court, arbitration, or mediation when when disputes arise.  To look into any of these areas further, click any of the tabs on the sidebar to the left.

Business Formation and Contracts

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We can help you decide what type of business entity works best for you and prepare the documents required to create it. We also prepare agreements between co-owners to deal with a variety of issues. These agreements are called Operating Agreements (for LLCs), Partnership Agreements (for partnerships) and Shareholder or Buy-Sell Agreements (for corporations). In setting up your business, we can help draft or review other contracts you might need, such as employment agreements, licensing agreements for intellectual property, leases, or financing documents.

Assets and Stock Sales

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We represent buyers and sellers of businesses.  Typically this entails drafting and negotiating the business purchase and sale agreement, which in turn may raise a variety of issues, such as non-competition agreements, employment agreements, and seller financing terms.  We will help you get the deal done on terms that are legally appropriate.

Business Litigation

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We have experience handling lawsuits between one business and another; between co-owners who no longer wish to be in business together; between sellers and buyers of businesses; and and between creditors and debtors, landlords and commercial tenants, lenders and borrowers, and employers and (ex-)employees. We handle these and many other types of litigation for business clients.

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